Welcome to GeoLabs

Explore GeoLabs and find out about the activities, courses, projects, field trips, rock collections and other topics of our department. Students can get details on their courses, find useful sources for reading and download supplementary material on their course. The Geology database serves as an online rock laboratory 7/24 at service. Students can study the rocks, minerals and fossils of the department and improve their rock recognition ability. Announcements of the department, events, field trips and newsletters all are here in GeoLabs.

The GeoCloud is a file storage and synchronisation service similar to Google Drive, where the department members and students can exchange documents, photos, videos and other files.  A discussion platform is also available for geology students; here experts and students ask questions and exchange information on Geology. Surf through GeoLabs and explore what we offer. GeoLabs is an output of the collaboration of the Geological Engineering and Computer Engineering departments of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.